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Voyage créatif au Maroc

I am happy to announce that I am organizing a Artistic stay in Morocco on the Travel diary theme en Next autumn.
The journey will take place in the Ouarzazate region Where I had the chance to stay several times.
It is aimed at all people who want to discover the typicities offered by this Exceptional region As well asDeepin their artistic practice Through the creation of a Travel diary.
Here is a film made in the region of Ouarzazate by theDesert and Mountain Agincy With whom we will live this trip to give you an idea of the places and the process:

The trip will take place

From 20.10.2023 to 28.10.2023
Discoverations and Star tours Of the Ouarzazate region and creation of a travel diary
Registration time 15.09.2023
  Price : 1900 CHF /Person/flights included

For Receive the invitation as well as the description of the trip, Please complete your contact details below:

Receive the description of the trip